• Compact 10 HD Speech - When Versatility Matters

    Introducing a product for those living with low vision that is truly versatile. It can be used nearly anywhere, in a coffee shop, a workplace, in bed or in a school.
  • We’re back talking!

    After many months of being unable to run our presentations to various groups around the country, we have resumed presenting “Living with Low Vision...
  • Clover Book Lite

    12.5 inch Portable Electronic Magnifier This electronic magnifier with integrated foldable arm and lifting handle make it very compact and easy to ...
  • ClearView, a Life Saver for Lillian!

    Lillian Briggs from Sunnybank was excited to have a visit from Peter Cracknell from the Quantum team to set up her ClearView recently, as Lillian says, she relies on it and uses it every day!
  • Doreen Wills Testimonial

    Doreen Wills recently received a new electronic magnifying machine with the help of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to provide the funding. Doreen was initially concerned about learning to use the new ‘Clear View C’ desktop electronic magnifier, as she had thought that someone in their 90’s would not be able to learn to use such a machine.