Compact 10 HD Speech - When Versatility Matters

Photo of Compact 10HD Speech

Introducing a product for those living with low vision that is truly versatile. It can be used nearly anywhere, in a coffee shop, a workplace, in bed or in a school. You can use it to magnify and enhance books, magazines, bank statements, food packets and medications. You can also use it to have articles read to you for more comfortable access to longer documents. You can also use it to assist with writing tasks and completing forms.

The Compact 10HD Speech has two cameras each designed for their own specific purpose. The main reading camera is situated directing in the centre of the viewing area of the 10” screen, making the Compact 10 intuitive to use as you navigate the page you’re reading. You are also able to have the section of text you are seeing on the screen read aloud to you.

The secondary camera swings up from the top of the device and provides a field of view which enables a whole A4 document to be read aloud to you. The other function of this camera is to assist with writing your answers on forms, signing documents, or magnifying medication or food packets.
Controlling the Compact 10 HD Speech is readily performed using familiar pinching gestures on the touch screen or by quickly activating the on-screen buttons.

Series of 3 photos showing use of Compact 10 HD Speech - on a desk signing paperwork, magnifying magazine print, magnifying writing on a whiteboard



The Compact 10HD Speech is now available for you to experience for yourself. Contact Quantum on 1300 883 853 to organise a demonstration in your location, or over Zoom.