Resources for Professionals

We have extensive resources available to our network of health professionals, including brochureware, referral pads, personalised CPD presentations, joint client consultation options and product demonstrations and training. 
There is a range of video assets available for single products on our YouTube channel, available via this link 
Our webinars provide insightful summaries around particular challenges or product sets. A selection of these webinars follows. Additional videos are available on out YouTube channel here
Living Well with Macular Disease
Living Well With Glaucoma


'Goldilocks' screen size and mid size magnifiers 

Productivity at work, in educational settings, and in daily life


Introducing Vision Buddy TV

Technology for people with little functional vision

Managing the impact of Macular Disease

Launch BlindShell Mobile Phone

Living with glaucoma

Solutions for Low Vision

Low vision at home with some fun and games

Reading anywhere; beyond the classroom

Getting the most out of Jaws, Focus 40 and the ElBraille