Environmental Policy

Mission statement and core values

At Quantum RLV we recognise the importance of limiting our environmental impact, through the implementation of sustainable business practices.

Our goals are to reduce waste production, diverting as much waste as possible from landfill, reduce energy usage and increase awareness of sound environmental behaviors throughout Quantum.

We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint;


  • Recycle as much waste material as possible
  • Avoid the use of printed paper
  • Reuse wastepaper
  • Collection of food scraps for chicken feed


  • Keep energy usage to a minimum
  • Turn off lights in areas not in use
  • Work from home option, to minimise driving, traffic; car-pooling encouraged & careful scheduling of appointments to limit excessive car travel
  • Reduce energy consumption by installing motion activated lights in bathrooms.
  • Purchase paper from recycled/sustainable sources
  • Purchase washable cloths for the kitchen, to replace disposables
  • Recycle toner cartridges through printer manufacturer service


  • Purchase recycled/earth friendly products for cleaning & handwashing
  • Distribute collected food scraps to local chickens for feed

Our achievements to date include;

  • Collection of biodegradable waste for composting;
  • Separation and collection of all soft plastic waste for recycling
  • Separation and collection of all recyclable materials, such as cardboard, hard plastic, glass and metal containers/packaging for recycling
  • Printing only when necessary, with the majority of information being stored as a soft copy and emailed as PDF documents
  • Sending newsletter/catalogue and marketing materials out as a PDF document via email to customers with an email address
  • The reuse of printed paper for note taking
  • Recycling of e-waste at council recycling centre
  • Using mugs, glasses, cutlery and crockery that can be washed and reused
  • Installing continuous washable linen towels for hand drying and washable cotton tea towels