Clover Book Lite

12.5 inch Portable Electronic Magnifier

This electronic magnifier with integrated foldable arm and lifting handle make it very compact and easy to transport and carry anywhere. After a quick setup, it immediately transforms into a desktop magnifier with a large screen and sufficient reading and writing space.

Use either the physical buttons or touch screen controls to suit the way you want to work.

Clover Book Lite is suitable for almost any reading or near viewing task wherever you take the magnifier. Being powered by an inbuilt rechargeable battery, you can use the Clover Book Lite in a variety of situations such as education, workplace, and at home. You can read at a table, in your armchair, or even in bed. You will be able to read for more than 4hours on a single charge of the battery!

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Man doing crossword puzzle using Clover Book Lite to magnify the page