Electronic Magnifiers

Electronic magnifiers differ from traditional magnifying glasses, by their ability to adjust magnification up and down, depending on the size of the original object you are looking at, making them vastly more versatile for the user.

All models offer high contrast colour options which can enhance the viewing experience for people to make words easier to see. Electronic magnifiers come in a range of screen sizes from pocket size 3” to 24” screen sizes.

Smaller units up to 13” screens generally come with rechargeable batteries, while most larger units over 17” screens are designed to plug into mains power and sit on a desk.

Depending on the activity you need them for, the smaller portable devices are suited for reading menus, food packets in your pantry, books, magazines, newspapers and more. An added bonus is being able to carry one easily with you shopping or while out and about.

Portable Electronic Magnifiers

Compact 6 portable magnifier

Desktop Electronic Magnifiers

Clearview flex

Hands Free Magnifiers

Hands free electronic magnifiers

Computer Connectable Magnifiers

Computyer Connectable Magnifier