My Aged Care & Home Care Packages

Lillian with her ClearView

My Aged Care is an Australian Government initiative to support older Australians and their families to access information and aged care services. It is designed to help you through your aged care journey by finding and accessing the government funded services you need.

If you are over the age of 65 years, or over 50 years and identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you can contact My Aged Care to get started.

Home Care Packages are designed for people who have more complex care needs and want some help at home. A person may be allocated a package of funding following an assessment of their care needs. Next step is to choose a provider who will assist make arrangements to pay for the products and services of the approved package of care services.

Quantum can assist with accessing appropriate assistive technology through your Home Care Package funding. Once you have been allocated a package, we can work with you and your provider to arrange assistive technology best suited to your needs.

Read more about My Aged Care or check your eligibility at the My Aged Care website.


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