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Mechanical, six-key braille writer.

Tatrapoint is a mechanical, six-key braille writer that is lightweight, robust and easy to use.

Suitable for students and adults of any age, Tatrapoint features an adjustable keyboard. Simply slide the width adjuster to increase or decrease the spacing between keys.

Bright, contrasting colours make Tatrapoint's key features easily identifiable, as well as make the brailler appealing to younger students.

Tatrapoint also comes with a handy briefcase for transporting it, as well as documents, from class to class or from work to home.

Tatrapoint Features:

  • Adjustable left and right margins
  • Line-end bell 5 cells before the end of a line
  • Carriage release and backspace key
  • Dymo tape clips integrated for embossing Dymo tape
  • Precise paper transport for exact re-adjustment of corrections in previously written text
  • approx 5kgs
  • 380x90x250mm