Rido-Clip Spectacle Clip-On 2.5X Magnifier, for 180mm

Rido-Clip Clip-On Magnifier 1.75X

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Rido-Clip clip-on magnifier with 1.75X magnification, designed to provide spectacle wearers with hands-free magnification.

The Rido-Clips are lightweight and fit most spectacle frames. The lens is set 50mm from the spectacles, allowing for a more comfortable working distance.

 The working distance for the 1.75X Rido-Clip is approximately 250mm in front of the lens.

The lens material is PXM lightweight lens with cera-tec coating to help protect it from scratching and can be flipped up out of the way when not needed.

Rido-Clip spectacle clip on magnifiers are available in the following magnification levels:

  • 1.75X with working distance of 250mm (lens power 3.0D)
  • 2.35X  with working distance of 180mm (lens power 5.5D)
  • 2.75X with working distance of 125mm (lens power 7.0D)

(spectacles not supplied, shown here for illustration only)


Risk of fire: Lenses used in optical equipment may cause significant damage through their “burning glass effect,” if used or stored improperly. Ensure that optical lenses are never left uncovered and lying in direct sunlight.