Sci-Plus 3500  Graphing scientific calculator with Speech

Sci-Plus 3500 Graphing scientific calculator with Speech

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Large button, big display scientific graphing calculator designed specifically for users with low vision. Performs scientific, statistical and trigonometric calculations, and fractions. It has the ability to evaluate functions, evaluate mathematical expressions, plot equations, analyze values along a curve and determine y-intercepts, poles, and more. Includes speech output via earbuds which are included. 

- Three language audio output in English, Francais and Espanol (Arabic coming soon)

- High resolution, 7" four-line colour display

- Selectable foreground/background colours

- Only 570grams

- Long life battery, and includes USB charger and country specific adapter

- Available in blue or silver

- Comes with high quality, large print, spiral bound user manual in selected language

- 1 yr warranty

Optional protective carry case available