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Clover Book Lite
Clover Book Lite

Clover Book XL Lite

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The new Clover Book XL Lite is a foldable 15.6-inch portable desktop electronic magnifier.

Taking up less space than a conventional desktop magnifier, the unit can be easily folded away for storage or transportation, and easily carried from one room to another. 

Ideal for people with very low vision who want to continue to enjoy newspapers, family photos, books and crosswords. 

The hinged folding screen and lifting handle make it very easy to transport and carry anywhere, with no assembly or cables. After a quick setup, it immediately transforms into a desktop device with a large adjustable display screen and ample reading and writing space. 

Suitable for almost any reading or near viewing task wherever you take the Clover Book XL Lite. Being powered by an inbuilt rechargeable battery, you can use the Clover Book XL Lite in a variety of situations around the home. You can read at a table, in your armchair (with a TV dinner trolley), or at the kitchen bench. 

You will be able to read for more than 5 hours on a single charge of the battery!

Key features

  • 15.6 inch screen is fully adjustable for height and angle, and unlike other foldable devices, the screen is positioned vertically at eye height for maximum comfort 

  • Generous working room in front of the screen for handwriting activities such as find-a-word, crosswords and even craft work 

  • Competitively priced 

  • Completely foldable into a handy briefcase for transportation 

  • Battery life of 5 hours means you can use it in any room without power cables 

Who is it for, and where can it be used?

People of all ages and abilities will be able to use the Clover Book XL Lite.  It can be operated either by large tactile buttons, or touch screen controls, to suit all preferences.  No technical knowledge required and easy to operate

Useful in various situations:

  • At home
  • Whilst visiting relatives
  • In your caravan
  • Reading a magazine in the living room on a coffee table
  • In the kitchen, preparing a recipe
  • Checking mail and correspondence in the study on a small desk
  • On the verandah reading the newspaper or doing a crossword
  • In the spare room, doing beading, scrapping, and even jigsaw puzzles.


    • 15.6 inch IPS touch screen

    • Screen Resolution: 1920*1080 Ultra HD 4K Camera, Video Resolution: 3840*2160

    • Magnification: 1.4x - 54x

    • 16 user-defined Enhanced Colours

    • LCD brightness adjustable

    • Contrast adjustable in Enhanced Colour mode

    • Live panning; freeze/stored image panning

    • Image Storage, storage capacity: approximately 2GB

    • Image format: JPG, BMP, PNG

    • Mask function 

    • Left/right lights On/Off
    • Detachable rechargeable Li battery Pack

    • 5 hours continuous use, 3 hours full charge time

    • Input: 100-240V; Output: 12V/3A

    • 450*325*49mm (Device folded)

    • 4.75 Kg (Battery included)