Video Testimonials

John Harris
John Harris of Darling Point is able to read books again with the aid of the portable electronic magnifier. Interview by Low vision consultant Jeff Landers
Marjorie Ketteringha
Marjorie Ketteringha is again able to do her puzzles, read books, and look at old photos. Watch this video to hear from Marjorie about her experience with MagniLink Zip and how it has changed her life.
Susie Barrington
A new, just released OrCam device is transforming the lives of blind and vision impaired people. Using Artificial Intelligence the smart camera scans and describes everything from books to banknotes.
Valmai Stone
Valmai Stone (91 years old) is able to read her Christmas cards with the aid of the Clear View Magnifier. Interview by Low Vision consultant Jeff Landers.
Joe  Moharich

Joe Moharich is an active 78 years old living in Brisbane, would like to share his experience about recently purchased a number of Quantum aids. Joe Moharich is able to read, communicate, and manage the internet - despite having limited central vision owing to Macular Degeneration in both eyes. Listen to Joe chatting to Quantum's QLD Manager, Peter Cracknell, about everything from monoculars to iPhones, scanner readers, electronic magnifiers, and Orcam. Part 1&Part 2.

Continuation of chat with Joe Moharich about the tech he uses at home and out and about, showing the speech output facility of the Clearview C Wideview Speech unit.