"The OrCam, has changed my life so incredibly and has given me a level of independence that l have never had before. I feel like a door has opened up in my life, where I now can go out into the community and be self-reliant. For the first time, I can read a street sign, a menu, items in the grocery store, bus numbers, shop signs, magazines while I'm a train, and the list goes on and on, with the help of the OrCam".

Glen W Siddins, NSW

(Mr Siddins uses an OrCam, a wearable device) - Quantum RLV

 " It has been a lifesaver! I live on my own and have been able to use it for everything. What has been most important however, is that it has enabled me to finally write and publish a book of my family history called “The Jochheims of Loch Lomond”.

The ClearView has helped tremendously; I can put all the old documents on the tray and am able to see them again on the screen. I would have never finished the book without the ClearView. Thank you so very much."

Dulcie Sullivan, Victoria

(Mrs Sullivan,uses a ClearView+ Star with a 22” Screen which was purchased for her by the Department of Veterans Affairs)-Quantum RLV


“The reason I wanted to up-grade was so that I can finally get two columns of newspaper……with my old machine I could only get one as it had a much smaller screen”

Christopher Powell, Queensland

(Mr Powell has been using a Desktop Magnifier for many years. Recently he up-graded to a ClearView+ HD with 24” screen)-Quantum RLV


“The thing I have missed most about losing my vision is not being able to read the newspaper, but I am now back to buying it every day. The thing I like most about the Compact is the ease of use, you can change the magnification and colours to suit whatever you are reading. It is such a good gadget!

 Les Murfett, Victoria

(Mr Murfett has been using the Compact 7HD portable electronic magnifier)


"I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with my new Clearview +with speech. I find it very easy to use, and use it on a daily basis.

 As a magnifier I am very happy with the clarity, and importantly for me, I can see credit cards and medicare cards well. These are usually very hard to see as they all have different colour schemes, but now it’s a lot easier.

 As a text-to-speech device the speech is clear and easy to understand. Thank you for a great product!"

Chire’ Fulford, Queensland

(Mr Fulford uses a ClearView+ Speech at work)- Quantum RLV