Sight Support Service

Since the early 1980’s Quantum has been providing services and products to people who have a print disability (Low Vision, Blindness and Learning Disability).  We have grown to be the largest supplier of Assistive Technology in Australia through a dedication to finding the right solution for every individual, and providing the support and training services needed to make them successful.

Quantum supplies Assistive Technology solutions to the education, corporate and government sectors, as well as to the growing population of older Australians who are losing their vision due to conditions such as Macular Degeneration. The growth of our business has been achieved largely through the recommendations and referrals from satisfied clients.

Here is how we can help:


Our Low Vision consultants provide education and information sessions for community groups, seniors clubs, schools and employers.


Finding the right solution requires listening to and understanding the goals and needs of each person. Thirty years of experience has shown us that assessment is the vital first step.


Quantum draws on suppliers from around the world to provide the widest choice of Assistive Technology products in Australia, from simple hand held optical magnifiers to the latest high-tech reading machines and video magnifiers.

Support and Training

How successful any Assistive Technology product is depends on the level of support and training provided. Quantum provides in-home training, in-home warranties, and on-going support long after an item is purchased.

Home Trials

Quantum introduced home trials of assistive technology in Australia and is committed to continuing this vital practice. Discovering the benefits of any product in the comfort of your home, at your own pace, helps ensure the product is optimum for your needs.


Our Low Vision consultants in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland have over 160 years of experience between them in Low Vision and the optical industry. Our focus is not just on the products, but on all the factors that lead to living successfully with Low Vision. Quantum is an approved supplier to the Department of Veterans Affairs and works collaboratively with all blindness and Low Vision agencies around Australia