Lectures / Seminars

NextSense commissioned our Manager of Vision and Blindness Technologies, Peter Cracknell, to present a series of six lectures to Masters Students enrolled at Macquarie University as part of their curriculum.  These lectures cover many interesting topics about vision impairment, reading difficulty, dyslexia and the process of assessment and recommendation of assistive technology. To illustrate, Peter compares various devices and software applications. These lectures can be useful for OTs and assistive technology advisors seeking a better understanding of print disability.

BLV Session 1
Woman doing webinar with products on screen.
BLV Session 2 
Man and woman doing webinar.
BLV Session 3
man doing webinar with products on screen.
BLV Session 4
man doing webinar with products on screen and text that reads how much magnification do we need?
BLV Session 5
man doing webinar on screen.
BLV Session 6
man doing webinar holding up low vision product on screen. Images show the product being used.