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Low Vision

Losing your vision is a challenge that faces many older Australians. For those affected it can mean the loss of many daily living and recreational activities that are central to a healthy and independent lifestyle. We can help you with assessment, advice, products and support.

  • Lighting
    Bright, white light that simulates sunlight for better contrast when reading.
  • Optical magnifiers
    For a cost effective way of viewing anything up close, a magnifying glass with bui...
  • Portable Electronic Magnifiers
    Giving you higher magnification without reducing your field of view.
  • Desktop Electronic Magnifiers
    Give you greater flexibility with a magnification range of 1.5X to 90X.
  • Computer Connectable Magnifiers
    Connect to a laptop or PC for a small, simple, flexible workstation.
  • Reading Machines
    Devices that read documents for you.
  • Computer Connectable Scanners/Readers
    Lightweight, portable devices that turn text to speech through your PC or laptop.
  • Low Vision Software Solutions
    From beginners to advanced users, gain access to the world of computing.
  • Typing Aids
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