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Helpful Links

The following links are to a variety of organisations, support groups, and services that you might find useful. If you would like to advertise your Support Group or organisation on this page, please contact us.

Aid for the Blind



Disabilities Info Centre

The Charles Bonnet Syndrome Foundation

The Foundation draws attention to this unusual perceptual disorder that affects many vision-impaired people. Despite being relatively common, CBS remains virtually unknown in medical and health care settings. Apart from attempting to raise its clinical profile, the Foundation's primary focus is to offer support services to and for CBS-affected people.


 Independent Options for Mobility

Is an independent, innovative and flexible provider of Orientation and Mobility (O&M) and Travel Training services.

Download a referral form here: IOM Referral Form

Providing services for:

People with functional mobility limitations related to vision loss, acquired brain injury, cognitive disability, physical disability or learning disability.


A guide for travelers with vision impairment including useful traveling tips, rights for the visually impaired and other additional resources.


Support Groups

Ballina Support Group

Meets: Fourth Monday of each month at the Solarium, Ballina District Hospital, 10am to 12noon. Contact: Judith Thomas, Ph: (02) 6686 3483 or 0429 834 395
Email: judiththomas710@westnet.com.au

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