ClearReader Feature Pack
ClearReader Feature Pack

ClearReader Feature Pack

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Expands the functionality of the ClearReader and ClearReader+ beyond text-to-speech to offer electronic magnification and document-saving capabilities.

Whether you are blind or experience partial sight loss, expand the functionality of the ClearReader or ClearReader+ by connecting an optional Feature Pack.

Save and retrieve documents

With the SD memory card pre-installed and the navigation control panel connected, you have the freedom to scan and save printed books and magazines for future reference at your convenience.

  • Simple, easily recognisable tactile handheld controls at your fingertips
  • Intuitive voice-only menus
  • Archive single and multiple page documents to the SD memory card
  • Expandable with USB memory (not supplied)


Connect the ClearReader or ClearReader+ to a separate screen and simultaneously listen to and view documents 'in-sync' as they are read aloud and displayed in an easily recognisable high contrast typeface, as if it were in large print. You can even use the magnification feature to enlarge handwritten notes and photographs.

Connect to a separate TV or computer monitor (not supplied) and benefit from magnification up to 16 times the original scan size.

Listen to and enlarge printed documents as they are read aloud 'in-sync'. View in:

  • Arial or Verdana fonts
  • 12 selectable high contrast, foreground and background colour combinations
  • Column and line view - words are highlighted by block of text or box around the words.

Scanned images are automatically rotated for easier reading

If you prefer to read and scroll through content using the photo-mode, the ClearReader+ automatically adjusts the original scanned document so that text appears in the correct horizontal orientation regardless of how the original document was scanned.

High resolution full screen monitor support

The ClearReader+ will automatically detect the resolution of the connected monitor and automatically scale the image to full screen, hereby eliminating black bars at the left, right, top and bottom of the screen. The maximum resolution supported is HD resolution, 1920x1080 pixels.