PIAF - Tactile Image Maker

PIAF - Tactile Image Maker

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A fast and simple to use tactile image maker.

The PIAF creates raised line drawings on capsule or swell paper using heat. Users can draw, print or photocopy pictures onto the swell paper and pass it through the PIAF. The heat of the machine causes the lines to swell and then the drawing can be read with the fingers. It is ideal for people who are blind and vision impaired. PIAF is being used in a variety of educational, employment and personal settings.

Education In early education PIAF can be used to:

  • Introduce simple shapes and basic concepts
  • Learn to draw and taking the first tentative steps to expressing oneself graphically
  • Learn about handwriting and signature writing.

In secondary and tertiary education PIAF can be used to access graphical information in nearly all subject areas especially maths and science.

PIAF produces high quality localised area maps for orientation and mobility training and for campus or building maps for new students.

At Work with the PIAF, blind and vision impaired people can understand the information on a computer screen, grasp organisational structure of the business and access sales charts. One or two tactile diagrams can save thousands of words.

At home, PIAF can be used to make a chess board accessible, compare pictures to know the difference between a giraffe and a leopard, and explore world maps to identify where countries are located.


  • Handles paper sizes up to A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches / 297 x 420mm).
  • Fast operation.
  • Audio Indication - a beep lets you know when to insert the next sheet.
  • Special circuit to extend heater life.
  • Energy efficient and quiet.
  • Easy handling - strong, easy-grip handle and fold down paper trays.
  • Comprehensive safety features.