ERGO-Lux  - 14X/56D, 35mm MP mobil hand magnifier

ERGO-Lux MP mobil hand magnifiers

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Schweizer ERGO-Lux handheld magnifiers are designed to fit in your hand for a more natural and comfortable reading position.

Portable lifestyle magnifier with 4-chip SMD LED and Multi-Power light option. Ergonomic handle provides a more natural holding position.

* Sliding on / off switch is located on top of the handle on its flat surface. * Superior quality optic lens * Small and lightweight * Battery cover is accessible via the top and tip of the handle.
* 3 AAA batteries are required to power the LED - supplied.
 There is also a rechargeable version of these magnifiers - see ERGO-Lux i-mobil NOTE: the video and images may not represent the magnifier described - these are for illustration and demonstration purposes only  Risk of fire: Lenses used in optical equipment may cause significant damage through their “burning glass effect,” if used or stored improperly. Ensure that optical lenses are never left uncovered and lying in direct sunlight.