Okolux plus - 14X/56D 35mm LED stand magnifier

Okolux plus stand magnifiers

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The SCHWEIZER Okolux Plus LED Stand Magnifier provides a bright, evenly dispersed, high contrast light which emits a 'daylight' light making it ideal for those times when you need additional lighting to read, amongst other things, newspapers, letters, magazines or text in books.

Okolux Plus Stand magnifiers are designed to be used on a flat surface. This  magnifier is ideal if you struggle to hold your magnifier at the correct distance from the page. 
Other features include:
  • Battery operated illuminated stand magnifier
  • Very bright, consistent and high-contrast light through the special LEDs
  • The aspheric lightweight magnifying lens is made of acrylic glass that is scratch-resistant.
  • Long battery lifetime due to low energy consumption
  • Quality German optics
  • 3 AA alkaline batteries included

NOTE: the video and images may not represent the magnifier described - these are for illustration and demonstration purposes only


Risk of fire: Lenses used in optical equipment may cause significant damage through their “burning glass effect,” if used or stored improperly. Ensure that optical lenses are never left uncovered and lying in direct sunlight.