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Is reading too tiresome for you? Are you looking for a stylish magnifier that reads your printed documents aloud?

The ClearView C 24 Wideview Speech is a unique desktop magnifier designed to improve your reading experience. It allows more working space and helps you to read your favourite newspaper, enjoy hobbies or manage other tasks without being restricted in movement.

Unique C design

By placing the supporting arm of the 24 inch screen to the left hand side of the Clearview C 24 Wideview Speech, there is no obstruction for larger documents like newspapers. In older designs, the supporting arm at the back made it difficult to read taller or wider documents, but the unique C design and smooth sliding tray are a dream to operate.

Read long documents with Text-to-Speech

The ClearView C 24 Wideview Speech can instantly convert any printed text into speech. It makes it possible to have access to information in a way that is most comfortable and easy to you.

Point directly at columns or words with Point & Read

To scroll through documents, swipe with your finger on the touch screen to select the text that interests you, then by simply tapping on a paragraph, column or word you can listen to it read from that point onwards. It is that easy.

See the whole page and navigate quickly

The ClearView C 24 Wideview Speech displays full pages and automatically identifies the document layout. This ensures that you navigate quickly, you always know where you are, and never lose your place. A coloured highlight moves through the text as it is being read, so you can easily spot where you are reading.

Store your documents or view your favourite photos

With the ClearView C 24 Wideview Speech you have the freedom to save important letters or books or view all your digital photos. Store the documents or view your photos on the device or on a USB drive and access them when they are needed.

Read in other languages

The Clearview c 24 Wideview Speech can also read in other languages, for example Italian, Greek and Chinese Mandarin.

Choose for comfort and design

The ClearView C 24 Wideview Speech is designed to make reading more comfortable and to complement the interior of your home. The high-quality materials and sleek design provide a contemporary look.