TypeAbility Touch Typing Tutor

TypeAbility Touch Typing Tutor

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TypeAbility: More than Just an Accessible Touch Typing Tutor

The lessons in TypeAbility use the speech from JAWS® screen reading software or FUSION® software to teach typing and other tasks. TypeAbility requires either JAWS or Fusion to be running on your computer to be able to use the program.  When purchasing TypeAbility please provide us with your existing JAWS or Fusion software licence Serial Number. 

TypeAbility has more than 90 prepared lessons including those on:

  • Characters and keys such as function keys
  • Words
  • Phrases
  • Selecting text
  • Numbers from the number row and the numeric keypad
  • Changing settings in dialog boxes, including list boxes, radio buttons, and check boxes
  • Sentences
  • Arithmetic
  • JAWS keystrokes
  • And more

TypeAbility also includes entertaining games that encourage students to sharpen their skills. In addition, you may also create your own lessons.

If you are interested in a trial of TypeAbility software, you may download a demo version if you have JAWS installed on your PC.  You are then permitted 15 free “openings” of the software before you must purchase the product.  

Choose this link if you would like to download TypeAbility. If you do not have JAWS or FUSION installed TypeAbility can also use the JAWS or FUSION demo. Choose this link if you would like to download the latest JAWS or FUSION demo.