Which Laptop?

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We often get asked which laptops are best for running assistive technology software such as JAWS, ZoomText or Fusion. While we can’t recommend specific models there are a few considerations when purchasing a new device.

  • At the time of writing computers with ARM processors will not run JAWS, ZoomText or Fusion
  • There are some minimum system requirements for each of the software packages we supply which can be found at the links below
Fusion System Requirements
ZoomText System Requirements
  • An accessible Insert key- as the insert key is often used with JAWS this can be important.
  • Function (F1-12) keys where F1-12 is the default function. These keys are important for keyboard users. Often these keys now have secondary functions which you need to press FN + the F key to reach. such as volume, screen brightness. Occasionally these are set at as the primary options which can make it difficult for those using keystrokes.
  • A Number keypad. This is not essential but does mean you can choose to use either the desktop or laptop keyboard layout for JAWS and Fusion.