Where there is a will there's a way - overcoming the tyranny of distance

Smiling woman on phone with laptop in front of her, sitting outside

The tyranny of distance is a term often quoted in today’s vernacular to express geographical distance challenges. We live in a vast country and despite Quantum having a National footprint with representation in each state, reaching some areas and customers for face-to-face meetings while preferable, can be problematic.

The recent COVID pandemic saw social distancing requirements spawn a new service delivery model, which is now considered an opportunity for businesses to connect efficiently with their customers on a one-to-one basis.

 Zoom and similar technology communication platforms allow users to connect via video and/or voice chat, which Quantum consultants and their customers have found to be a successful substitute when face to face meeting can’t be facilitated. The technology is simple, mostly free and highly effective for product training and trouble shooting.

Quantum also works with trusted agents and allied health providers in areas such as Alice Springs and Darwin. 

Our low vision consultants look forward to working with you to find the best method of service to suit your circumstances. Phone us on 1800 883 853.