What is Wearable Technology?

Just as it says, wearable technology is technology that can be worn, and as such, leaves our hands free to do other tasks, such as holding articles in the supermarket, or picking up a menu in a cafe, playing the piano or holding onto your guide dog.

The devices available to assist those with a vision impairment are generally large and sit on a desk, or require the use of either or both hands. This raises two issues. Firstly, you need to go to the device at your desk, so you are unable to perform its designed purpose wherever you are. Secondly, you are required to use your hands to hold the device as well as the material you wish to read, thereby losing the ability to pick up your cup of tea, hold onto your mobility (white) cane or shopping trolley.

Grandmother wearing AceSight wearable technology and lifting grandchild up.

So why not take your device with you?

Every device we have at Quantum to assist with reading printed material, provides magnification and high contrasts and may also have the ability to have the text read to you. Likewise, our range of wearable technology provides the same benefits as traditional devices with the advantage of being with you, ready to use.

Acesight and Acesight VR are both best described as goggles that you wear to see your immediate environment, magnified and enhanced while your hands are free for other tasks. Some of the tasks you could perform are reading newspapers and books, reading music, playing cards, doing craft, watching TV. You could also watch your grandchildren playing in the garden.

OrCam MyEye is a very small device that sits on a pair of glasses, takes a picture of what’s in front of you, analyses the picture, then describes what it sees to in a clear male or female voice. OrCam can read text from nearly any surface, it can recognise people’s faces and barcodes as well as other useful features.

Wearable technologies are being used in a variety of ways, enhancing people’s daily lives, providing unique experiences not found with other devices.

We understand that not all devices will suit everyone’s individual requirements, so if you would like to discuss all the options available for your situation, please contact your local Quantum Consultant or call 1300 883 853.