What is it?

Can you guess what this device is, and who uses it? Does it remind you of an old-fashioned Remington typewriter? Or a stenography machine?

Photo of Tatrapoint Machine with fingers typing on keys

It’s actually a braille typewriter. This model is the Tatrapoint, made in Slovakia, and we sell it an alternative to the American-designed “Perkins” Brailler. Many people – wrongly – assume that braille is old-fashioned, like the Remington, and that everything is electronic these days. But, if you think about it, pencils are old-fashioned, but still very useful! So, the Tatrapoint is like pencil and paper, great for jotting things down – except, in braille!

Did you know that for those people who are blind, 80% of those who are employed can read braille? That’s why it is so important to encourage young blind children to engage with braille as early as possible, and the Tatrapoint is one of many devices have on hand. One of its unique features is a soft-touch on the keys, and adjustable separation of then keys, great for little fingers.