What is Fusion?

Image of Fusion screen as seen on a computer

Have you heard about the Fusion software from Freedom Scientific? It is another software tool to assist people with Low vison to access a Windows computer.

The Fusion software combines all the magnification and screen enhancement features of ZoomText with all the screen reading capabilities of JAWS. When Fusion is installed, you have 3 icons on your screen and can choose to run it as ZoomText only, JAWS only or as Fusion which runs the features of both.

Who does it benefit?

Fusion is especially useful for people with a progressive vision impairment, who may currently be able to manage with magnification features but are likely to need audio feedback and navigation. They can start to learn how to use a full screen reader while still using their functional vision.
While ZoomText Magnifier/Reader has some speech features it is not a full screen reader so does not allow full control and navigation by speech and the keyboard

Other benefits of Fusion include:
  • More flexible navigation and reading of the internet, use of Quick navigation keys eg to move through headings, links and other web elements.
  • Compatible with the typing tutor -Typeability
  • Ability to connect a refreshable braille display such as the Focus 40 for braille input and output.
  • Access to convenient OCR to scan and read or open images or otherwise inaccessible documents with text
  • Features such as Picture Smart to identify images.
  • Use with remote access (additional feature required)
For education or other organisations with multiple users, the ability to have one license which allows the use of all 3 products provides flexibility and simplicity of management. Users can launch it as JAWS only, ZoomText only or as Fusion depending on their individual needs.

When running as Fusion you have the ZoomText toolbar where you can set you magnification, colour and other enhancements but then in the System tray you also have all the features of JAWS.

If you already have a JAWS or ZoomText license, you can convert it to Fusion.
Multi-user options are available. Contact us for pricing or to speak to your local consultant.

Fusion is available to trial in 40 minute mode. Contact us if you need a longer trial period for a student assessment. Download a trial to try today