What do students with Low Vision Need?

Introducing the Mercury 12: A Magnifier and Surface Pro Computer


What do students with Low Vision Need?

– Near Magnification Viewing
– Distance Magnification Viewing
– A magnified workspace for writing
– A PC with magnification software
– A PC that is familiar to students and teachers alike
– Text to Speech for reading long documents
– Not too much stuff to carry!


Mercury 12 is the first Windows based tablet PC and a Video Magnifier combined.


Mercury 12


It is a regular PC for the student with all the software they and the rest of the class are using as well as being a magnifier and a scanner with text-to-speech; all in the one foldable and easy to carry device.


For support and classroom teachers it is a known and familiar interface and avoids the need to learn specialised software and commands.


Mercury 12 is compatible with all your existing Windows software including ZoomText or MaGic.


A large 12 inch screen provides plenty of viewing area in a compact, easily portable package.


The stand has been designed to be sturdy and to hold the tablet without any risk of it falling. The base of the stand is designed so that you can move an entire A4 document under the camera with ease. The stand can fold up easily into a bag together with the tablet. This means the tablet doesn’t have to be removed or inserted into the stand repeatedly.


Accurate text recognition and Natural sounding voices allow students to capture images of the page and have the contents read out.  An integrated LED light ensures consistent lighting to provide a good image regardless of external lighting conditions. Mercury 12 is available with an Orion Wireless Distance camera allowing up to 21X zoom. Students can read the work in front of them or from anywhere around the room.



– 12 Inch HD Display

– Live Magnification

– Accurate Full Page OCR

– Multiple Colour Schemes

– 8 MP Camera With LED

– Natural Sounding Voices

– Integrated Foldable Stand

– Optional Distance Camera

– Multiple Languages

– Windows based tablet

– 6 Hours Continuous Use


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