Wearable Technology for when life gets tricky

Woman wearing IrisVision Aspire to view a snake in a glass cage. her hand is on the glass

Wearable low vision technology offers a range of benefits to individuals with low vision, enhancing their quality of life and including increased independence. Some practical benefits include navigational help to manage unfamiliar surroundings with greater confidence, object recognition, text to speech capabilities and voice activated controls. For one Quantum RLV customer there were very specific reasons for wearable technology.

Michelle, who lives in Springvale Melbourne, has some rather unique housemates of the lizard and snake variety.  Quantum RLV’s Stewart Andrews discovered her menagerie when he and a Guide Dogs consultant visited recently to assess Michelle’s technology needs
Michelle’s low vision condition required an assistive technology solution to enable her to perform a variety of tasks, one of which was rather unique. She was keen to be able to manage her coterie of snakes and handle them carefully.

Michelle also wanted a device that could facilitate reading music and playing the piano as well as her guitar. She was able to test drive a range of wearable assistive technology devices from Quantum RLV’s product range, including Iris Vision Inspire, Vision Buddy and Acesight, all allowing her to be hands free in case of any slippery moves from her reptilian friends.