We’re excited about the new Clover 6!

It’s a real “Goldilocks” size – just “small enough” for a handbag or pocket, but with a “big enough” 6 inch screen.

The Clover 6 has a very clear, full HD 1080p matte screen to make viewing as comfortable and easy as possible. The screen also has ‘touch’ capability so using familiar gestures on the screen enables you to vary the magnification very quickly. If you prefer, there are also large, tactile buttons to perform all the regular functions.

Clover 6 device magnifying text in a recipe book.

Whether you want to read a magazine or see the menu board at your favourite café, Clover 6 is truly a versatile magnifier, boasting two separate cameras. One camera is designed for reading and all close viewing tasks, whereas the other is optimised for tasks within a few metres of you, giving you
the ability to view anything in your immediate environment in clear, sharp, magnified images.

If you wish to read your flat documents such as mail or bank statements, you can use the inbuilt reading stand so that the screen stands up in front of you at a comfortable angle, and simply slide the Clover 6 over the page. The reading stand can also swing out to become a handle, so that the Clover 6 can operate rather like a magnifying glass, either left or right-handed. Very handy around the home for reading food packets, medication labels, the TV guide, the microwave display and endless other uses. If you’re out shopping you can view price labels on the edge of supermarket shelves, check dietary requirements, read tags on clothing, and read the menu on the wall or at your table for that well deserved coffee in your favourite café.

Another great feature of the Clover 6 is the ability to pan around the image using the touch screen, whether in “live” viewing mode or if you’ve “frozen” the image on the screen. What this means is that you are able to view more of what the camera sees without the need to move the whole device over a broader area, making reading easier.

Ticking many boxes for many people, the Clover 6 is really worth consideration if a portable and lightweight electronic magnifier is what you would like.

  • Rechargeable battery with approx. 3 hours continuous use
  • Weighs only 265grams
  • Dimensions of 160 x 91 x 21mm
  • Comes complete with Clover 6, Protective Carry case, charger, cables and instruction book

To see the Clover 6 in action, contact us on 1300 883 853 or info@quantumrlv.com.au

Clover 6 available to purchase online HERE