USA Update From Peter Cracknell

Michael holding the Retissa Neoviewer up to his eye, with the female sales assistant looking on

For over 35 years Quantum RLV has sourced and ranged the best assistive technology solutions available globally.

In March 2023 Quantum’s Peter Cracknell, Manager of Vision and Blindness Technologies and Michael Linke General Manager Commercial Services Vision Australia, travelled to CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in Los Angeles, the World’s premier exhibition of technology for people who are blind or have low vision.

The conference showcased the latest in assistive technology products, industry trends and best practice in accessibility. In the photo, Michael is testing a Retissa Neoviewer, a product designed for those with low vision, that utilises laser technology to project an image directly on the retina. New innovation in products and updated product ranges are always top of mind for Quantum.