Tara is pretty excited about her new Clover 6!

My eyesight has been deteriorating over the last few years and generally, I found that my glasses were enough. However, when I was recently diagnosed with an auto immune disease I had to make drastic changes to my diet. No more gluten or dairy!

Tara using her Clover 6 device to magnify food label text

All of a sudden reading those tiny ingredient lists on food packets became super important and I cannot tell you how much money I have wasted buying food at the supermarket, only to learn from my kids when I got home that I couldn’t eat it. Even worse were the times I ate it thinking it was OK and then was sick.

After watching a ‘how to navigate in the kitchen’ video on Quantum’s website, I instantly fell in love with the Clover 6 and ordered it on the spot.

I am thrilled to say that not only can I read the ingredients now, I have discovered whole ranges of food that I thought previously unavailable to me. Just quietly, my Clover 6 and its carry case have become my new handbag – it goes everywhere with me. I can read menus, bus timetables, the fine print on contracts, small print on my computer and phone… there is no stopping me!

I’m currently studying online, working towards my Bachelor of Science, majoring in Archaeology. The option to photograph and save images, add my own audio and zoom in up to x35 means I can now see things I couldn’t even see when my eyesight was good. Thank you Quantum!