Taking care of your eyes in the bushfire season

The eye’s surface is continuously exposed to the environment, except when our eyes are shut when we sleep.

Bushfire smoke contains dust, fumes (such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides), and tiny particles called PM10 and PM2.5.

When the smoke comes into contact with our eyes, the fumes and small particles dissolve into our tears and coat the eye’s surface. In some people, this can trigger inflammation, and therefore irritation.

Tips for protecting your eyes from the smoke?

  • the best option is to avoid going outside when air quality is at its worst, where possible
  • wearing sunglasses or glasses when outside if you need them might stop some of the dust carried in the wind from contacting the eye’s surface (but it won’t stop the tiny particles getting in)
  • avoid wearing contact lenses if possible.

For those undergoing anti VEGF injections for AMD,The Macular Disease Foundation encourages you to maintain your treatment, and to contact the Foundation should you have any problems accessing your eye health professional. They are here to help in this time of crisis.