Staff Profile - Rini Isaac

Rini Isaac headshot, standing against a blank wall

Quantum is pleased to announce a new customer service team member.

"My name is Rini. My role is designed to support general customer enquiries as well as Quantum consultants, to create quotations, process purchase and sales orders. I handle basic software enquiries and refer clients to our software support officer as required.

After completing a Masters in Information Technology, I spent some years working in a freelance position and volunteered in two organisations. Quantum gave me an opportunity to learn beyond my profession.

I feel blessed to be able to help strong-minded and optimistic people like my grandfather Mr. John Chellasamy, who lost his sight due to macular degeneration.

Apart from my obsession with Egyptian history, I love spending time with my family and exploring places. I am a Sheerio (a fan of English singer songwriter Ed Sheeron) and have a soft spot for dogs.