Sadam's Success Story

Head shot of Sadam in a suitSadam Ahmed, aged 29, came to Australia from Somalia as a small child who had lost his sight to a range of childhood diseases. Sadam lives in Melbourn with his mother and siblings. He has found employment options very challenging, and after much perseverance at finding employment without success, has set up his own software consulting company.

Understanding the difficulties many blind people experience getting into the workforce, Sadam’s company specialises in teaching and training in different types of assistive technology solutions for vision impaired clients, students and teachers, as well as best accessibility practices for government and business on retaining best talent in relation to candidates who identify as living with a disability.

As he says: “Unemployment rates among the blind community are very high. I’m pleased that some of my clients have gone on to be employed, which is a really good outcome.”

Talking about his own assistive technology support Sadam comments, “My relationship with Quantum RLV goes back to when I was 13, so 16 years ago. Back then I was primarily using braille and had to retrain myself to use JAWS for Windows in 2008.

Recently Leon Savaris had my Focus 40 repaired, he was outstanding. Day in and day out I am grateful to Quantum. I use Quantum’s products every single day for both running my enterprise which is both in Australia and the United States. JAWS in particular helps me keep in touch with friends and family and has literally been my eyes. With over thirty years of experience in the assistive
Technology industry Quantum provides exemplary support for all types of disabilities.

Thank you, Quantum, for all that you do, I am forever obliged to your dedication and excellence to our community and for being there for me in a professional context when it matters.”