Ron Hamer, delighted with his OrCam ReadSmart

Elderly man sitting at a desk using the Orcam ReadSmart device.

Ron Hamer (82) is a retired architect who lives with his wife Carolyn in a lovely old Queenslander in Indooroopilly, Brisbane. Ron began to lose his sight to Glaucoma when he was 50, and this led to early retirement, though he was kept busy as an advisory architect to the Uniting Church for many years.  

An avid reader, Ron was looking for a device that could read books and correspondence for him, so after being referred by his Ophthalmologist for a home visit by Quantum’s Peter Cracknell, Ron was delighted to purchase an OrCam ReadSmart. Using the new “stand mode” feature, Ron can enjoy his novels and manage everyday correspondence, taking some of the burden off Carolyn. The OrCam Read can be conveniently controlled “hands-free” – using spoken voice commands, simple hand gestures, or by pressing a button. Ron has already read one book, and is looking forward to enjoying many more!

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