Reg Upgrades to MagniLinkZip

Reg with his magnifier

Reg M from Lurnea suffered two strokes 5 years apart, which affected his vision and he was struggling to read using a 3.5X magnifying glass. On the suggestion of his sister, whose friend had found her purchase of a MagniLink ZIP 17’ desktop useful for reading after suffering vision loss due to macular degeneration, Reg phoned Quantum RLV.

Quantum RLV’s Low Vision Consultant Jeff Landers, whose territory covers South West Sydney, visited Reg and undertook a Low Vision Aid Assessment. A selection of products were trialled in Reg’s home environment to ensure the final product selection enhanced Reg’s current vision status. Jeff agreed that a MagniLink ZIP would be ideal for Reg.

After Jeff provided a report to Reg’s home care package manager, Reg was able to access funds in his Home Care Package to pay for the MagniLink device.
The photo shows Reg’s using his MagniLink ZIP on his existing over chair table, sitting in his comfy lounge chair.

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