Qld State Library Supporting Clients with Low Vision

The State Library of Queensland (SLQ) provide wonderful resources for anyone with Low Vision to assist them access the Library services.


SLQ has electronic video magnifiers as well as 5 computers fitted with the Zoomtext Magnifier Reader program and the OpenBook scanning program for scanning documents and reading them out loud (using headphones or earbuds, so that other patrons are not inconvenienced). Library members can use all of these facilities and tap into Trove and other fantastic search tools, as well as for general reading and research.



Recently one of our clients visited SLQ to check out their resources and to see what might suit her needs.


Joan, 90, was particularly interested to see the Clearview Speech electronic magnifier and scanner reader device, as her vision has deteriorated to the point where she cannot read fluently with her old model CCTV.   Joan had trialled reading machines like the ClearReader scanner reader (that speak but do not have a visual display), but she wanted a system that could read out loud from the position she pointed to, rather than having to listen to a whole document from top to bottom.


Joan was very appreciative of being able to see the ClearView Speech in action and is grateful to the SLQ for making their facility so welcoming to everyone.