Product Spotlight: OrCam Read 3

Woman at her desk leaning forward to read the laptop screen. OrCam Read 3 is set up in a stand next to the latop, reading a book.

In our last newsletter we provided a sneak preview of OrCam Read 3, the handheld device for portable text-to-speech reading. We’re pleased to announce that the device is now available for purchase. 

The OrCam Read 3 goes beyond the already powerful reading options of the OrCam ReadSmart.  In addition to the simple “point and click” and Smart Reading functions built into the fully offline OrCam ReadSmart, the new OrCam Read 3 can offer an amazing AI mode when connected to an iPad or laptop computer.  Using online AI (Artificial Intelligence), the OrCam Read 3 can listen to your natural language questions about the document you are reading, providing pertinent answers.

For example, if you are reading a recipe in a magazine, with OrCam Read 3 AI mode you can do so much more than just listen to the whole thing top to bottom.  You can ask “does this recipe contain flour?”  or “what’s the total cooking time?”  or “read me step 3”.  OrCam Read 3 listens and understands, so you can get to the important information quickly and repeat it as often as you like.

In addition to reading out loud the printed word, the OrCam Read 3 can also read handwriting, when connected in AI mode to your iPad or computer.  Even bad handwriting!  And, even writing on a distant whiteboard, for example in a presentation, or in a classroom.

The reason why the device is called the OrCam Read 3 is because it is composed of three parts – the OrCam Read device, the AI mode when connected to a computer or iPad, and the special Stand for handsfree operation.  The Stand positions the OrCam Read 3 above paperwork, books and magazines and can be adjusted in height to capture up to A3 if required.  In the Stand Mode, the OrCam Read 3 can operate handsfree with voice commands and hand gestures, so you can concentrate on reading rather than pressing buttons.

Finally, when connected to an iPad or computer, you can also see a magnified image of anything the OrCam Read 3 is viewing.  So, for photos, you can zoom in, just like a conventional electronic magnifier.  You can also capture and convert any text into large print in high contrast, and have that read out loud.   You can even translate a foreign brochure into English, or have it read out loud in the original language – over 140 languages are available when connected online.

Even without a tablet or laptop, OrCam Read 3 can still be used offline in any location.  It will read any printed or digital text aloud, including signage and shop fronts.  All in all, this amazing 3 in 1 device is a “pocket rocket”. 

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