OrCam Trialled in Queensland Schools

Young Girls using OrCam Device to read a book while laying on the floor

A recent study commissioned by the Department for Education in Queensland has shown that the OrCam portable text-to-speech device has significant potential to improve struggling students’ engagement with the curriculum and boost their academic outcomes. Nine schools across metropolitan, rural and remote communities trialled the device over two terms in 2019 and 2020, where Principals had identified students with reading difficulties.

The OrCam is a wearable technology that speaks digital or printed text. The device discreetly attaches to a pair of spectacles or is held by hand. The user points the camera contained in the OrCam towards the text, resulting in the device speaking the text aloud. Speech feedback is almost instantaneous and can be repeated or fast-forwarded with simple swipe gestures.

Feedback from the trial identified that OrCam can enhance student engagement with written content. The trial also identified that OrCam is considered an effective tool for students to engage with and access the curriculum. Schools noted increased engagement with written content when using the OrCam during the trial.