OrCam MyEye 2023 Software Update

Hey OrCam is waiting for your command

We are pleased to announce the latest software update version 9.10.52 for OrCam MyEye has been released and is available for download via WiFi. 
The only new feature in this update is the addition of the “Hey OrCam” voice command. 


It is not necessary to update if you do not wish to do so, but many OrCam users will benefit from the “hands-free” possibilities of the “Hey OrCam” feature. 

When enabled, OrCam listens all the time for you to say “Hey OrCam” plus a subsequent Voice Command, including any of the Smart Reading commands.  There are no new Voice Commands added to the set you already have in Version 9, but “Hey OrCam” allows you to use Voice Commands without having to double tap the side of the OrCam MyEye to initiate the command. 

So, for example, to check the battery level, you can say “Hey OrCam” and then say “Battery status” and OrCam will beep and say “Battery is 50%” (or whatever level it is at).  Not having to double-tap the side prior to a Voice Command will be helpful for people with tremors, or who are encumbered with things they are carrying and don’t have a hand free to do the double-tap.  For example, whilst shopping and carrying shopping bags, handbags, white cane and so on.
This update is available for OrCam MyEye versions 9 and above.  If you don’t know which version you have, it is announced by OrCam when it starts up. 

If you have version 8 or lower, the update is not applicable.  It is possible to purchase a new model OrCam at a discounted “trade-in” price, and you can talk to us on the number below if you are interested in that option.


The 'Hey OrCam' feature is not active by default. 

Your OrCam MyEye will operate exactly as before the update, unless you switch on the Hey OrCam feature as described in the steps below.
If you want this update, but you don’t have an internet connection, or you don’t feel confident operating the settings menus as per the instructions below, you are welcome to bring your device to one of our offices and one of our staff can do this for you.  Alternatively, for a fee, we can come to your home and do it there. 


How to Activate 'Hey OrCam'

Here is a quick video to assist. 

If you are already confident with the Settings Menu and have OrCam connected to WiFi at home, here are the steps to enable “Hey OrCam” after the download – depending on the speed of your internet, the download may take 30 minutes or so.


  1. Go into the User Menu, either manually with “On button plus Swipe”, or using the “Enter User Menu” voice command.
  2. Swipe back (from front of OrCam) two times and Tap on the “General Settings” menu option
  3. Swipe back six times and Tap on the “Touch to Configure Vocal Commands” option
  4. Swipe forward and Tap on “touch to enable full vocal commands”
  5. Double tap to hear “Main Menu”
  6. Double Tap to hear “Exiting Setup Menu”


How to use 'Hey OrCam'

Once “Hey OrCam” is enabled, it will always listen for that command, until you switch off the OrCam, or it goes into Suspend mode.  To wake up the OrCam from Suspend, you will need to either press the On button, or triple tap the side.
Some people will prefer to adjust the Auto Suspend time in the User Menu to longer than the typical 3 minutes, or disable it altogether.  Disabling Auto Suspend will mean that your OrCam will need to be charged more frequently, but the “Hey OrCam” feature itself does not deplete the battery very much – it is just that when OrCam is awake, it is using more power than when it is Suspended, just as phones and other devices do.  
To change Auto Suspend, use the following Voice Command : “Change the Auto Suspend Time” or access the setting via the User menu.  
Here is a list of some useful Voice Commands that work well with “Hey OrCam”:
Reading Speed Up, or Read Faster
Reading Speed Down, or Read Slower
Volume Up, or Speak Louder
Volume Down, or Speak Softer
Enter the User Menu
Enable the Auto Flash
Disable the Auto Flash
Change the Auto Suspend Time
Smart Reading
Connect to the Bluetooth Audio Device
Enable the Auto Page Recognition
Disable the Auto Page Recognition
Tell the Time
Tell the Date
Tell the Battery Status
What’s in front of me?

There are other Voice Commands, here is a full list.