New Options for Watching TV

Couple watching TV together, man is wearing Vision Buddy headset

How would you like to have an IMAX-size cinema screen to watch TV? Many people with low vision struggle to read captions and see faces clearly on regular TVs.

Imagine you could compress a cinema screen into a headset and watch TV in any room of the house? That’s all possible now thanks to the new Vision Buddy TV headset. This comfortable headset shows a massive super high-definition view of television programs streamed directly into the headset. You don’t even need a TV, you could actually be lying in bed or sitting on the veranda.

Man watching TV with projection illustration coming from the headset

The Vision Buddy TV headset is wireless and you can watch within 10 metres of the transmitter box supplied with it, viewing the same program that your family is watching if you want to be sociable — otherwise, you can binge on Netflix in the bedroom!

Another use for Vision Buddy TV is to connect it, via a cable, to your iPad or your laptop. Many people with low vision struggle with email and online browsing, and though they can expand certain content, or purchase ZoomText screen magnification, this can be disconcerting as much of the view “disappears” off-screen as you magnify a small portion. With the Vision Buddy TV, you get the magnification of your computer or iPad in front of your very eyes, with an IMAX-size effect — you just need to move your head around the “scene”, as you would in the cinema!

Learn more about the Vision Buddy here or watch our recent webinar here.