New for 2024

Boy sitting in library with an ear bud using OrCam Learn

As 2024 is almost upon us, it will be a big first quarter at Quantum, with several new products soon to be released including OrCam Learn, Mountbatten Braille Tutor and OrCam Read 3.

ABS surveys show that over 45% of adult Australians have difficulty reading newspapers, owing to literacy deficits. Parents and often grandparents witness their children struggling to keep up.

A new device called the OrCam LEARN is a hand-held AI device that actively listens as the user reads out loud, points out mispronunciations, reports on reading speed, accuracy and fluency, and the user’s progress through reading grade levels.  Progress reports are shown on an app, and can be shared with parents, teachers and support staff. Like all OrCam devices, the OrCam Learn can also read back text from any surface with correct Australian pronunciation. This technology is available in the first quarter of 2024.