New Feature for OrCam

Hey OrCam

A new feature has just been released for both OrCam MyEye and OrCam Read. 

‘Hey OrCam’ are the two magic words you use to activate your OrCam. 

The “hands-free” possibilities of the “Hey OrCam” feature can be useful if you have trouble doing trigger button taps. When “Hey OrCam” is enabled, OrCam listens all the time for you to say “Hey OrCam” plus a subsequent Voice Command, including any of the Smart Reading commands. 

“Hey OrCam” will allow you to use Voice Commands without having to double tap the trigger button to initiate the command. So, for example, to check the battery level, you can say “Hey OrCam” and then say “Battery status” and OrCam Read will beep and say “Battery is 50%” (or whatever level it is at).  


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