New braille product - Discover Mountbatten Tutor Versatility

Child using Mountbatten with Mum watching

The new Mountbatten Braille Tutor (MBT) is more than a vastly improved Mountbatten - though there is much to be excited about the radical

The new device is modern, elegant, functional & reliable. It connects to everything; iPads via bluetooth, Windows via USB and the internet via WiFi.
The display, interface and wireless keyboard have been completely updated to assist even non-braille experts; possibly Mum, Dad and grandparents. Have fun learning beside your kids.

What is exciting about the new Mountbatten Braille Tutor is that it is a family-friendly system, promoting early engagement with braille, tactile graphics, maps, music, word games, typing tutors, labelling… and, of course, school homework.

On top of this, the MBT system connects to Google Calendar, so families can share a school diary interactively, either in braille, or on a computer or smartphone! For example Mum can type on the iPad and it comes out in braille on the Mountbatten Tutor. In fact, anything the child writes in braille gets displayed in normal print on Mum’s iPad.

You can do more than ever before with the MB Tutor.

  • Use sticky paper in the Mountbatten to add braille to your favourite book
  • Make bumpy pictures
  • Use music mode to have fun with music
  • Play interactive word & letter games

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