Mrs N from Sydney – 100 years Young

Mrs N using her Clover 7 to read

Jeff Landers, Quantum RLV Low Vision Consultant, was invited to assist with a low vision assessment for Mrs N by her occupational therapist Laura.

Mrs N articulated her wishes and needs to both, being insistent that the dining room table was where she liked to read.

At 100 years young both Jeff and Laura agreed that whatever Mrs N wanted was perfectly fine.

After assessing her vision and trialling various vision aids, finding what tasks and recreational activities were important to her, they suggested that a Clover 7 would suit Mrs N for her reading aid, as well as a MAGnificent lamp with magnifier for reading larger print and eating her meals.

Mrs N using the MAGnificent to read

The MAGnificent Lamp is ideal for all types of detailed work. This lamp is cleverly designed to be used as both a floor lamp (with 2 different height options) as well as a table lamp. The Daylight LEDs provide high contrast and accurate colour matching, making it easier and less tiring to read, work and see detail clearly. LEDs use very little energy. The large, semi-rimless 1.75X magnifying lens allows uninterrupted viewing of close up work.

Clover 7 is a portable 7 inch magnifier with an excellent high-definition screen and auto focus HD camera, providing a crisp and clear image which is always in focus.

The auto-rotating AF camera, the innovative button panel and the built-in foldable reading stand make it a more flexible and powerful reading assistant.

Mrs N now has both low vision aids to help her enjoy reading and to do daily tasks.