Mountbatten Tutor - Families learning braille together

Mountbatten Tutor-Families learning braille together

The new Mountbatten Braille Tutor with an exciting radical design is an exciting new modern braille learning system for children from 4 years to teenagers.

What is really exciting about the Mountbatten Braille Tutor is that it is a family-friendly system, promoting early engagement with braille, tactile graphics, maps, music, word games, typing tutors, labelling … and, of course, school homework. 

Modern, elegant, functional – the MBT connects to everything – iPads via bluetooth, Windows via USB, the internet via WiFi.  The assembly and parts have been completely modernised to ensure reliability and the interface and wireless keyboard have been completely updated to assist even non-braille experts (such as Mums and Dads!) to have fun learning alongside their children. 

At every step, the new built-in MIMIC screen shows exactly what is being brailled in normal print.

On top of this, the MBT system connects to Google Calendar, so families can share a school diary interactively, either in braille, or on a computer or smartphone! 

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