Meet Tony & hear his story

Tony using his ClearView

Tony, who is 99 years old, had been struggling with age related macular disease for some time. One of Tony’s friends was visiting from overseas and he noticed that she brought with her a portable electronic magnifier. The friend mentioned that she had an even better, larger unit at home that was even more helpful.

Tony’s family discussed his needs with their Occupational Therapist, who referred on to Quantum, and the process to get a vision aid had begun.

After assessing Tony, it was determined that both a portable electronic magnifier and a desktop magnifier would greatly assist Tony to read his mail, newspapers, read cooking instructions and fill in forms: all the daily tasks that would help Tony stay in his own home.

With some assistance from Tony’s Ophthalmologist, an application was lodged at DVA for funding of the equipment, as Tony is a DVA Gold Card holder. Within a few weeks Tony was supplied with the vision aids that had been needed for some time.