Maree's Magic Wand

Maree uses OrCam to read a book

Mackay resident Maree calls OrCam Read her ‘magic wand’. Retinitis pigmentosa left her with minimal vision, dependent on her family to assist with reading, shopping and helping her with everyday tasks.

About six months ago Maree was introduced to OrCam Read. “It has changed my life. After 17 years without reading, I now read books, letters and actually know what’s in the pantry and fridge.”

Maree using OrCam to read a letter

OrCam Read is a small, handheld piece of technology for people who have low vision, reading difficulties including dyslexia and reading fatigue. It’s ideal for anyone who is consistently exposed to large amounts of text – at work and school or for leisure. The personal reader seamlessly and instantly reads text aloud – from any printed surface or screen.

Maree is now back going to cafes, finding the experience far more enjoyable now that she can read the menu with her “best friend OrCam Read.”